General Civil Litigation

General Civil Litigation


Inheritance Act Claims: Contested Wills & Probate

We understand that dealing with things after a death is difficult enough without there being any disputes. Yet these happen. We have the skills, knowledge and experience to bring about resolution for you, sensitively yet firmly. 

We can advise you on disputes arising in relation to the Will (or lack of Will) of a deceased person, the distribution of their Estate or trusts. Claims such as: 

  • contesting a Will on the grounds of lack of mental capacity; undue influence; lack of knowledge or approval; failure to comply with the formalities of executing a Will correctly; or fraud and/or forgery;
  • claims for reasonable financial provision to be made for disappointed or excluded beneficiaries;
  • claims against trustees/ executors for acting in breach of their duties;
  • disputes relating to obtaining a grant of probate;
  • disputes between executors.

Whatever the circumstances, we can discuss the options available to you and guide you through the legal processes.

Boundary & Neighbour Disputes

Boundary disputes are an extremely complex area of law. Many people seem to think that the boundary between their property and the neighbouring property runs in a straight line down the middle of the land. However, often this not the case.

Boundaries differ and vary over time. In a lot of cases the boundary may have started out as a straight line but over time may have moved slightly or changed direction due to the removal and replacement of the boundary, agreements between predecessors of property and various other factors.

Whatever the case, we can help resolve any disputes relating to boundaries, hedges, fences, walls etc. Call us today to arrange an appointment.

Debt Problems

If you're struggling with debt, don't despair. We can help you. You may have a number of different options and bankruptcy could be one of them. However, bankruptcy is not the only option. We will discuss with you the extent of your debts and provide you with information about the different options that are available to you.

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